CenterSage v0.6.2 available

CenterStage for Mac is updated to v0.6.2. I haven’t installed it yet but plan too. The fixes and updates are listed below.

Fixed Bugs

* [CS-29] – Music module doesn’t find custom location of iTunes Library
* [CS-81] – Music module scanns to long for cover art inside of mp3 files, makes musicmodule unusable
* [CS-99] – CS should lock screensaver launch while watching a movie
* [CS-134] – Progress bars do not work
* [CS-145] – Rework the whole input scheme to have intuitive inputs (keyboard/remote)
* [CS-146] – DVD playback should have OSD (basic)
* [CS-147] – photo module allows to go down the hirachy even if there is no content anymore
* [CS-150] – If CS cannot start due to missing skin, make a default fallback
* [CS-158] – CenterStage freezes on splash screen is the skin defined in the prefs can’t be found
* [CS-159] – You can enter inside a photo while browsing again, and again, and again
* [CS-160] – Photo slideshow does not start when selecting a photo and when there are no preview (like in Big Blue)
* [CS-166] – photo section does not work anymore
* [CS-167] – Music module: play songs in a row
* [CS-178] – Display feedback when CS is booting
* [CS-184] – CS do not boot if the EyeTV repository folder can’t be found
* [CS-185] – When moving folder (from the finder) that are in a smart folder, these folders are duplicated in the DB
* [CS-191] – CS crashes at the end of an movie that is played back via the FFMovie Player


* [CS-133] – In Fullscreen mode release movie when it is finished
* [CS-135] – Display feedback when using keyboard or remote on fullscreen mode
* [CS-143] – CS: All movie based modules should be built after a common framework
* [CS-183] – Unify URLToBreadCrumb conversion through data providers

New Feature

* [CS-24] – Support VIDEO_TS folders (and mp4 containers) in CS
* [CS-95] – Add support for .mkv (via Perian 1.0)
* [CS-119] – Translation of strings

Known Problems

* No preferences yet, except for resolution and skin
* The On Screen Display (OSD) is only implemented in a basic version, a full usable dynamic OSD will be implemented in a later version of CenterStage
* mkv playback might stutter in the beginning of a movie. Unfortunately this is caused by Perian’s implementation of the mkv file format (the movie gets completely analyzed after opening). This behaviour is the same as in Apple’s Quicktime player.
* Advanced WMV (also known as VC1) files may take a long time to load. HD resolution files might take up to 5 minutes until they can be played. This behaviour is the same as in Apple’s Quicktime player.
* DVD playback only works if the user has admin rights

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