Zune HD

Zune HD Gets a Price Drop

Looks like Amazon is giving a little price break on the Zune HD models. It’s $30 to $40 off depending on model. While I haven’t had the luxury of using the new Zunes, wish I could, I have heard many good things about them. If you’re in the market for a MP3 player you can […]

Zune HD to Get XviD

The Zune HD is getting a firmware update that will bring ZviD support to the device. You can also display the XviD content through the dock to your TV. It is unlikely that DivX will make it because of proprietary restrictions. The firmware update will also bring smart DJ features like the computer software. Let […]

Zune HD Gets Twitter App

The Zune marketplace has a new addition with a Twitter app. I haven’t tried it because I don’t have a Zune but the pictures look good. Some people are complaining about it censoring tweets but I don’t see that as a big deal. I don’t generally swear in my tweets and you could still figure […]

How-To: Install Zune Software 4.0 on Windows Home Server

I posted about installing iTunes 9 on your Windows Home Server a few days back. I didn’t want to leave the new Zune HD fans out of the picture so I wanted to get a link up about installing Zune Software 4.0 on your Windows Home Server. The install looks similar to the iTunes install […]

Zune HD a Major Hit, Selling Out

It seems that Microsoft has a hit with the new Zune HD. Online stores are reporting that various models of the Zune HD are sold out and on back order. Even going to local electronics stores is hit or miss with getting the Zune HD. It doesn’t really matter if online retailers didn’t order enough […]

Video: Zune HD Commercial

Portable Perfection is the last shot in the new Zune HD Commercial. I don’t think perfection yet but Microsoft is to a good start. The commercial is not as flashy and catchy as the iPod commercials but it was alright.