More info on Dell’s XPS 420

Today on Direct2Dell there was more information posted about the XPS 420. Basically Dell warns of the issues with CableCard at the bottom of the post. Direct2Dell even posted a link to the PCMag article which states According to Clardy, the XPS 420 should have received support for the ATI tuner last week, but the […]

Dell XPS M1330

I had the chance to play around with the Dell XPS M1330. This is one really nice laptop. We went with black so it wouldn’t take so long to arrive, and the black and sliver look just fine. The laptop is very light even with the 9-cell battery we added. It looks impressive just sitting […]

Dell XPS M1210

I had a chance the other day to play around with the new Dell XPS M1210. As more people are traveling around people want smaller, lighter, and faster computers. This computer accomplishes all of that. It is 3.1 lbs, Core 2 duo, and has a 12.1″ screen. It also has a built in media drive. […]