XBMC for AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone

The XBMC team released a version for the AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone. This isn’t a streamer, it’s the full version of XBMC. That means no transcoding, you get full hardware decoding of 720p/1080p content. I was planning on installing it on my AppleTV2 but I didn’t have time this weekend. If you want to try […]

Official XBMC Remote for Android

XBMC has a official remote app for Android. It’s not completely finished yet but it’s in the Android Market for you to try out. You need at least Android 1.5 and XBMC 9.11. They have a screenshot gallery for you to check out. It looks really good especially since they say they aren’t finished yet.

Video: XBMC Running On PS3

The video below is XBMC running on a PS3. It won’t work on the PS3 Slim or firmware 3.30 but if you have the older PS3 and firmware you can find the directions here. You will get a lot more media functions with XBMC installed than with the default PS3 media types. l (via Engadget)

Use XBMC as a Video Game Console

Lifehacker has a cool post on turning your XBMC into a video game console. There aren’t a lot of steps to accomplish this. The one worry that I have, that commenters pointed out too, is that each time a new version comes out you will have to go back through the steps. But it gives […]

Add XBMC to Windows Media Center

The same people that made the Boxee and Hulu integrator have released XBMC Integrator for Windows Media Center. It allows you to switch between XBMC and Windows Media Center with the Windows Media Center remote. You need to have XBMC already installed on your computer for it to work.

Xbox to HTPC Hacks

If you’re like me you still have a old Xbox laying around. I don’t use it but after reading over the Xbox to HTPC hacks at hackaday, I’m thinking I need to do something with it. While XBMC isn’t going to give you everything in a media center, it will give you a great look […]