Netgear Introduces Two High-Performance Wireless Devices

Netgear announced two new wireless products that will give all those set-top boxes Internet with ease. The first is the HD Home Theater Adapter. It has the ability to stream multiple HD streams at once. It uses 5GHz wireless so other devices in the home don’t interfere. Features – Creates a high-performance wireless network for […]

Netgear Releases the Open Source WNR3500L Router

The Netgear RangeMax WNR3500L has the some nice features like wirless N and gigibit ports but what separates it from the rest is the open source possibilities. The WNR3500L is designed to handle different types of Linux firmware versions like Open-WRT and Tomato. This makes it highly customizable. Open-Source Router, Community and Development Partner program […]

Wi-Fire now vista compatible

http://www.hfield.com/wifire.htmI’m not sure if everyone has heard of the Wi-Fire yet. If you haven’t, it is a wireless antenna that has a 1000 foot range to pick up more wireless connections. It is now compatible with Windows Vista but also works with Mac. My sister lives just outside of the schools wifi network. So instead […]

RangeBoost vs. antenna

Well if you go to best buy or any other electronics store you see all the wireless devices that will extend your wireless connection. And a stronger wireless connection will provide faster data transfers. Well my solution is not to buy a range booster router but to get an external antenna. I bought a D-Link […]

D-link, 802.11N, Works with Vista

http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070102/latu009.html?.v=75 The new D-link extreme N router has the “works with vista” logo on it. Now I’m glad that more and more products are getting this cool sticker. For the router the only thing that the sticker means is the CD to install it must be Vista compatible. I’m pretty sure that routers don’t care […]