Video: Windows 8 Features

Microsoft announced Windows 8 yesterday and shared a lot of the details about the new OS. Lifehacker was nice enough to take that keynote and make it eight minutes long with just the stuff you want to hear about. I have embedded the video below. Windows 8 definitely has some very cool features.

Video: Windows 8 Redesigned for Touch and PC Interfaces

I can say that I’m truly impressed with the Windows 8 interface. I have embedded the video preview below. It’s a very elegant way to mix a touch interface with traditional PC interface. It’s a shame that we’ll have to wait another year for it to be available. The touch apps will be built with […]

Video: I’m a PC and I’m Gonna Kill Him

Microsoft has started another I’m a PC ad campaign. The video below is the first new video and I wanted to point it out. They setup a computer store in her house and she gets to buy a new computer. The worse part is the last line: “I’m a PC and I’m Gonna Kill Him”. […]

Video: Upgrade Windows from 1.0 to 7

Very cool video showing the upgrade of Windows 1 to Windows 7. Whomever created this knew what they were doing. It’s a great look back on how far the OS has come over the years. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that this is possible. (via WinRumors)

Windows Live Essentials Beta Available

Microsoft released the beta of Windows Live Essentials. Lifehacker has a look at all the new social features built into the new version. It works with Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Gmail, WordPress and more. It’s nice that Microsoft is making it easy to get your creative work out to the world.

WD TV Live HD Gets “Play To” Support

Looks like I missed the updated in March for the WD TV Live HD. The new firmware is ready for Windows 7 and it’s “Play To” feature. It will allow you to push media from Windows Media Player to the WD box over the network. Not too bad of an update. I can’t believe WD […]