Windows Media Player

WD TV Live HD Gets “Play To” Support

Looks like I missed the updated in March for the WD TV Live HD. The new firmware is ready for Windows 7 and it’s “Play To” feature. It will allow you to push media from Windows Media Player to the WD box over the network. Not too bad of an update. I can’t believe WD […]

TuneUp for Windows Media Player Released

TuneUp for Windows Media Player has been released. It allows you to get song metadata and cover art. The iTunes version and the new Windows Media Player version now allow you to share music with social networks. ehomeupgrade has a 20% off coupon if you’re interested in purchasing.

How-To: Rip Music Like a Pro

Gizmodo has a great how-to on ripping your CDs to digital. People don’t put much thought into ripping your CDs, it’s pretty easy, but you probably should. Once the file is ripped off the CD you probably won’t touch the CD again. You need to make sure the first rip is the best quality it […]

Why I’m leaving iTunes

I have been using iTunes to purchase all my music since it was first announced. I have spent some time lately deciding if I want to continue using the service or move on. As you can tell by the title I have decided to leave the service. Below are the reasons for my decision. 1. […]