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Increase Windows Media Center Tuner Limit with TunerSalad

TunerSalad allows you to increase the tuner limit of Windows Media Center with just one click. It’s a free program but accepts donations. The limit in Windows Media Center is 4 tuners and the program will allow you to increase to 8 tuners. That’s good news if you plan on buying these new CableCard tuners […]

Ceton InfiniTV 4 Review

The Digital Media Zone got the chance to review the Ceton InfiniTV 4. Just like the first review I posted of the card, they loved it. The Ceton card costs $399 but when you compare that to other cable and satellite DVR setups it’s not bad. The card gives you the ability to record 4 […]

Ceton’s 4 Tuner CableCard in Production

Timothy at UsingWindowsHomeServer got a email that Ceton’s new 4 tuner CableCard has started production. The good news is that the product will probably still make it to market. It’s just been delayed for awhile. A lot of Windows Media Center fans are waiting but their patience is running out, especially if another card makes […]

Hauppauge HD-PVR Gets Windows Media Center 7 Support

The Hauppauge HD-PVR got Windows Media Center 7 support with new drivers. You can find the drivers here. This is good news if you are looking to get HD recordings in Windows Media Center. (via GeekTonic)

Tranquil PC T7-MP2 Media Center Review

The Tranquil PC T7 is a low power, low noise and affordable HTPC. It is powered by the Atom 510 and NVidia ION to give you power to run Windows Media Center and HD content while staying energy efficient. It doesn’t have a DVD drive or tuners but works well as a second room HTPC […]

Windows Media Center Remote for Palm OS

The Windows Media Center Remote for Palm OS will do exactly as it sounds, control your media center. It requires that you install a small piece of software on your Windows Media Center that you can find here. The app itself is $3.99 and you can find out more information about it from the Palm […]