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Create Panoramic Photos with Windows Live Photo and Image Composite Editor

I thought this was a nice tutorial on using Windows software to make panoramic photos. You’ll need Windows 7 and you should have the gallery downloaded and installed. It’s pretty simple but something that most basic Windows users don’t know about about. I have embedded a video below or you can visit UserWindowsHomeServer for more […]

Boot Camp Updated with Windows 7 Support

Apple has updated Boot Camp to support Windows 7. They released a 32-bit and 64-bit version. They have support for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. They also added support for the Magic Mouse in Windows. The question that has come up a lot that is fixed now is the red LED on the […]

Use Windows 7 Themes in XP and Vista

Windows 7 has a lot of great features that aren’t found in the previous versions of Windows. While themes might not be high on your reason to upgrade, they look a lot better than XP and Vista themes. With directions from Digital Inspiration you can get those great looking Windows 7 themes in XP and […]

Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Now Available

It’s been talked about for awhile but today Microsoft released Power Pack 3 for Windows Home Server. I won’t go into great detail on the process or the features since it has been covered everywhere. The big updates are with Windows 7 integration and some Windows Media Center features. Check out Using Windows Home Server […]

Is 64-bit Windows Right For You?

With the launch of Windows 7 just last week many people have questions of which version to get. Not only do you have to pick between Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate, etc. You have to pick between 32-bit and 64-bit. My recommendation would be 64-bit unless your processor supports it. MaximumPC has some pros and cons […]

New Apple Ad Targets Microsofts “Broken Promises”

It wasn’t enough for Apple to launch a bunch of new products the week Windows 7 was released. Their new ad called “Broken Promises” points out all the problems Microsoft has had with their OS since version 2. I wasn’t expecting Apple to respond so quickly to the launch of Windows 7. I guess Windows […]