Review: Netflix Streaming on Wii

I ordered the Netflix streaming disc for Wii as soon as I could. I got it in the mail this weekend but just now had time to pop it in and play around with it. The Wii is only SD so that’s what you are going to get with Netflix streaming. Most of the content […]

Netflix Streaming for Wii Discs Shipping

As you can see from the image above my streaming disc for Wii has shipped. Netflix says I should get it tomorrow. If you haven’t signed up to receive the streaming disc yet you can here. The Wii will only stream in SD and you have to have the disc in the drive. But the […]

Netflix Coming to Wii

The possibility of Netflix coming to the Wii are “Excellent” according to Netflix CEO. I posted about this in March of 09 that it was probably coming from a survey Netflix sent out. It’s too late for me to be too excited about it but I’m sure lots of folks will like having the ability […]

Wii Now Only $199

The Nintendo Wii is now only $199. If you don’t have one already you can save $50 off from when it was first launched. That’s not bad and Christmas is just around the corner.

Play Wii Games from an External Hard Drive

A little hacking and you can backup and run Wii games off an external hard drive. You won’t have to worry about scratching your discs and load times will be faster. I read through the directions and it seems easy enough if you follow the directions carefully. You need the HomeBrew channel installed. Visit Lifehacker […]

MP3Tunes for the Wii

http://mp3tunes.com/With MP3Tunes you can now access your MP3’s on the Wii. You do have to use the music locker service provided by MP3Tunes though. There was a client created for the Wii using MP3Tunes open API. If your interested in other ways to get content to your Wii check out this previous post. (via Digital […]