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Myna: Multi-track Web-based Audio Editor

Myna is a pretty cool web-based utility to mix multiple audio sources together. The video above is a demo of the service. I’m surprised that it’s free and that it offers so much. Audacity has been my multi-track editor but for just simple editing I’m going to be trying out Myna. Plus I won’t have […]

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Google Apps Sync looks like a really cool plug-in for Outlook. It will sync Outlook to your Google Apps data. They should really launch the feature for all Gmail users not just people using Google Apps. I’m actually surprised the feature wasn’t first released for the general public then Apps like the other programs have […]

Xoopit for gmail

www.xoopit.com I have been playing around with Xoopit for gmail. Xoopit is a firefox plug-in to index your gmail messages for photos, videos and files. It takes awhile to index, I have 5000 emails, but what it has listed so far seems very helpful. There are things in my email that I completely forgot I […]