Vista Media Center Codecs Guide Chris Lanier wrote a nice guide on the codec needed for Vista Media Center. If your going to setup a Vista Media Center I would suggest reading through it so you don’t run into problems later.

Play DVD files from Vista MCE people don’t want to have a Divx copy of their DVDs on their hard drive. By converting the DVD you do lose quality and the special features of the DVD. With a simple registry hack you can get Vista MCE to recognize and play audio_ts and video_ts files. The will get you the full […]

Windows Mobile to control MCE I went to the site thinking that this would be pretty cool to do from my phone. After reading for a few minutes quickly realized I would rather spend the money on an actual remote. If you have time and some money to buy for the programs give it a try.

Original xbox and Vista MCE

thegreenbutton.comDo you want up grade to Vista but want your original xbox to access your media files? Take a look at this thread that will walk you through the steps so your xbox can still get all of those digital files. I haven’t tried it but it doesn’t look that difficult.

Vista will help tuner sales According to a InformationWeek article, Vista will help TV tuner sales. I for one hope this does help people become aware of what Windows Media Center can offer. From the article: By 2011, 50.8 million PC-TV tuners will be sold worldwide, generating $3.1 billion in revenue, In-Stat predicts. But you really can’t just focus […]

Circle Vista icons everywhere

People that have been using Windows Vista know that the start menu is a circle and not a square like it use to be. But the circle doesn’t stop with Vista OS. It is on new keyboards, and Media Center remotes. I’m not sure anyone cares but it must there to show people that the […]