Vista MCE

Which one: Vista MCE or MCE 2005?

Which Windows Media Center is the right one? I’ll start off with a generic answer, it depends. The reason I say that is because it’s personal preference. For me I would upgrade to Vista MCE. There are questions below to help you decide if you should upgrade or not. There are a lot of questions […]

Play DVD files from Vista MCE people don’t want to have a Divx copy of their DVDs on their hard drive. By converting the DVD you do lose quality and the special features of the DVD. With a simple registry hack you can get Vista MCE to recognize and play audio_ts and video_ts files. The will get you the full […]

Windows Vista Media Center Review This is a very nice review of Windows Vista Media Center. He waited until he used the system for awhile to write the review. I really like his setup. MCE computer with 3 xbox 360s. That would be my ideal setup. He isn’t using the DVR functionality on a day to day basis. I […]

Remote Record for Vista media center I don’t want to add a bunch of detail about this because the link will walk you step by step through the process of setting it up. If you want to set up your Vista media center so you can schedule it to record shows remotely follow the link.

Edit Vista Recordings with Movie Maker Lifehacker has a post about using movie maker in windows vista to edit your recordings. This is a good thing if you want to record an entire season and edit it for DVD backup. Since I don’t have vista yet at home I’ll keep everyone posted on tips around the Internet.

Vista media center commercial skip Over at missing remote there is a post about how to fix commercial skip in Windows Vista. Most people that used MCE 2005 regularly had this installed on their machine. Now you can have it if you have upgraded to vista. He even has directions on how to get it to work with an […]