Flip Releases FlipShare TV

Flip, the maker of the popular Flip videos, has released FlipShare TV. FlipShare TV allows you to easily stream those videos you have taken with your Flip video to your TV. * FlipShare TV makes it incredibly easy to enjoy videos in your FlipShare™ library wirelessly on your TV, in the comfort of your own […]

Windows 7 Preview Videos

There are some preview videos of the new Windows 7 being posted.  The video embeded above is of the glowing start menu when you hover over it.  LifeHacker has addional videos like calculator, stickies and new Media Player.  Not much new exciting things but it does show Microsoft is working on improving functionality of Windows […]

Veoh adds Hulu shows

Veoh has added TV shows from Hulu to it’s line-up. It already had programing from CBS so this is a great addition to Veoh. Dmitry Shapiro says That is the tip of the strategy—to become the hyper-aggregator. We will continue to provide a breadth of content. Embedding third-party players will be extended to other offerings, […]

Leopard 10.5 demo videos

These are some sweet videos of the new features in Mac 10.5 (Leopard). I wasn’t that thrilled with Safari for Windows, but I am really excited about getting the full version of 10.5 on my MacBook Pro. There are 15 videos below that are labeled so you will know what you see. UPDATE: Sorry the […]