A Few Days with the Verizon iPhone

This isn’t going to be a review of the iPhone, that’s because it has been around for 8 months now. There are reviews everywhere. I just wanted to share some initial thoughts on the phone, especially since I have been a happy Droid user for awhile now. The reason for switching to the Verizon iPhone […]

Video: Apple “Two is Better Than One” Commercial

While AT&T and Verizon will continue to bash each other in commercials, Apple is just happy they will sell millions of new iPhone. Below is the first commercial Apple has released to show the iPhone on both carriers.

Video: Verizon iPhone Commercial

Verizon released it’s first iPhone commercial. Not really sure they need to spend marketing dollars on the iPhone. Video below.

Verizon Selling iPad on October 28th

We can now add Verizon to the long list of resellers now offering the iPad. Verizon is bundling the iPad with a MiFi to offer nationwide coverage. You will also be able to get a month to month plan starting at $20 for 1GB of data. I’m hoping Verizon allows me to pick up a […]

Droid X Getting Android 2.2 Tomorrow

Droid X will be getting the Froyo update tomorrow. That’s what the Verizon site is stating. That’s good news for one of Verizon’s best Android phones. I tried to pull the update on the wife’s Droid X but it wouldn’t give it to me yet. (via DroidLife)

Video: HTC Incredible Walkthrough

The HTC Incredible will be landing on Verizon on April 29th. The video embedded below is a walkthrough of the new phone and its features. The phone looks great and makes me want to upgrade my Droid. While I probably won’t upgrade it’s nice to see Verizon getting more aggressive in the smartphone area.