Boot Camp Updated with Windows 7 Support

Apple has updated Boot Camp to support Windows 7. They released a 32-bit and 64-bit version. They have support for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. They also added support for the Magic Mouse in Windows. The question that has come up a lot that is fixed now is the red LED on the […]

Live Mesh Updated for Snow Leopard

Microsoft updated Live Mesh to work with Snow Leopard. There are no new features so Leopard users don’t have to do anything. I still use Live Mesh occasionally and it’s nice to have the updated client. To upgrade to this new release, you will need to reinstall Live Mesh for Mac. To do so, please […]

Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 with Media Center Integration

Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 is set to be released tomorrow (March 24th 2009). The biggest part of this update is some integration between Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center Connector * Computers running Windows Media® Center can now view recorded TV content that is stored on your home server […]

Review: Roku firmware 1.5

By now most people have upgraded to the 1.5 firmware on their Roku box.  If you still don’t have the update just check for updates 3 times and it should give it to you. This update is the start of additional services that Roku will be offering.  Everyone is familiar with the Netflix streaming.  It […]

Roku Updates to Bring HD Netflix

Roku has updated it’s little Netflix box with streaming HD.  Mine doesn’t have the update yet.  From what I read it looks like it is being sent in phases.  Some comments said that the content is switching to HD automatically if you have them loaded in the queue.  I’m keep hitting the update button until […]

Vudu Adds Internet Content

Vudu has updated it’s box to include some Internet content.  YouTube is the only one I find of interest but even then I have my computer.  YouTube playing on a big HDTV looks bad.  It’s nice to see that they are adding aditional features to a pricey set top ($300).  They say there is more […]