TiVo Plug-in for Windows Home Server

HP released a free plug-in called mediasmart expander for TiVo. This is very cool since you can use the Windows Home Server as storage of your TiVo recordings. — transfer shows from TiVo to a HP MediaSmart Server and back to TiVo — view TiVo recordings stored on a HP MediaSmart Server — watch TiVo […]

DirecTV TiVo Won’t Be Premier

The new TiVo Premier was announced just a few days ago and people were wondering if the DirecTV/TiVo deal would get the new stuff. The answer to that is no. While TiVo might be moving ahead with new software and hardware the DirecTV version will be on the old stuff. “Their [DirecTV’s] next implementation of […]

The New TiVo Premiere

TiVo after many years has updated it’s TiVo to Series 4. There are going to be two version, a base and a THX XL model. The base to have 320GB hard drive and the XL to have a 1TB drive. The UI had a refresh and is now featured in HD. I won’t pretend to […]

MythTV vs. TiVo

http://www.dvrplayground.com/ This is a comparison of MythTV and Tivo. I’m not a big fan of Tivo and don’t understand why people would spend the money. This article is Part 2. If you have a Tivo then I suggest reading then build a media center.

TiVo with comcast

http://news.com.com/2061-10801_3-6149494.html Now you can update your Comcast DVR with TiVo software. No need to buy a TiVo box. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before now. All you Comcast customers can record away with the TiVo interface. I’m on MediaCom and they are taking things away from us, not giving us nothing.