Time Machine

Version 3: Use Time Machine with Windows Home Server

I have continued to work with people on getting Time Machine setup and working with your Windows Home Server. I’m calling these new directions version 3 and it’s easier than the last steps that required an applescript. The reason why the applescript wasn’t working in version 2 is that some people had a Windows partition […]

Update: Time Machine Backup to Windows Home Server

UPDATE: Version 3 directions have been posted on the site. It’s easier than using the Applescript that has been failing for people that had a Windows partition. You can find the version 3 here. I thought it was about time to revisit an earlier post, which has been quite popular, on how to backup your […]

How-To: Use Time Machine with a Windows Home Server

UPDATE: I have created a new post with directions that currently work. You can find the new version here. UPDATE 2: Version 3 directions have been posted. You can find the new directions here. I built a Windows Home Server a few weeks ago. It has been great and I would recommend it to anyone. […]