Build Your Own Ambilight TV

This is a really cool project that creates a Phillips Ambilight TV with a few LED bars. It’s a plug-and-play system that uses the a HTPC to control the LEDs. Complete directions over at fun3’s blog. This might be a project I have to play around with. (via hackaday)

Plasma TV “Burn-In”: Fact or Myth?

HDGURU has a great write up on Plasma TV burn-in. It’s always talked about that you have to be careful with Plasma TVs so you don’t burn the image in to the screen. I advise people on this too even with current TVs. HDGURU advises that ““Burn-in” is for all practical purposes a non-issue with […]

Moxi Lowers Prices and Releases 3 Tuner DVR

Moxi lowered prices of their two-tuner HD DVRs to $499 down from $799. They also released multi-room bundles for two room and three room setups. The two room with a three-tuner HD DVR is $799 and comes with one Moxi Mate. The three room setup with a three-tuner HD DVR is $999 with two Moxi […]

Video: VIZIO Connected TV & VIZIO Internet App Platform

Vizio demoed the connected TV and Vizio Internet app platform at CEDIA. The video above was captured by EngadgetHD. It looks good and I personally like the slim widgets across the bottom then popping them up on the side. The other thing that impressed was the remote. The slide out keyboard is going going to […]

Vudu Coming to Connected LG HDTVs

Vudu announced that they are coming to LG connected TVs. Gizmodo got a demo of it in action. I had issues with their business plan of selling expensive set-top boxes but now they seem to be headed in the right direction. Building into existing products will probably get you a lot more business. Lets hope […]

Calibrate Your HDTV

Calibrating your HDTV isn’t as complicated as one might think. The video has a lot of helpful tips. I can say that I haven’t calibrated either one of my HDTVs. I have never been watching a show and thought that the colors weren’t right. I’ll probably spend some time doing a little adjusting now though. […]