RIM Announced the BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM is official into the tablet game with the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s a 7″ tablet with a 1024×600 WSVGA capacitive touchscreen. It’s supports multitouch and features HDMI out. Some other notable things are flash, dual cameras, 1080p HD playback and multi-tasking. They have obviously been working hard on the tablet and even the tablet OS […]

Video: Dell Netbook/Tablet Hybrid

The new Dell Netbook/Tablet hybrid laptop looks really cool. It’s a 10″ screen that’s powered by an Atom. I have embedded a video below. The interface really does need a lot of work. They have trouble getting the touchscreen to respond. Reminds me of the Latitude 2100 I had which shipped with linux and a […]

BT Working on Home Media Tablet

BT is working on a home media tablet that will give you your email, voicemail and text messages all in one place. It would be perfect for a kitchen device but it reminds me a lot of the Verizon Hub. The Verizon Hub didn’t last very long. Even though I have an iPad it hasn’t […]

JooJoo Tablet Review

I posted a video overview about the JooJoo tablet a few days ago. Engadget has released their full review of the tablet. Seems like the JooJoo was rushed to market but I think they missed the market anyway. They probably would have had a lot more sales 3 months ago. Good news is that Fusion […]

Video: HP Slate

With all the news about the iPad people forget that there are some other very interesting tablets coming out. The HP Slate is one device that will make you take a closer look. With two cameras, front and back, and the full computing experience it will fit the needs of a lot of people. The […]

Video: JooJoo Tablet

The iPad wasn’t the only tablet that just came out. People that pre-ordered the JooJoo are getting the product. Engadget got theirs and did a walk thru on video. I don’t think it holds anything to the iPad but it does have Flash. The video is below.