Swype for Android Now Available

Swype for Android is now available in beta form. You can get it from the Swype website. It’s a lot easier to get working than the unofficial way on Droid. (via TechCrunch)

Get Swype for Droid

Swype for Droid has been unoffically released. MobileCrunch has directions on getting it up and running. The steps don’t seem difficult and are easy to follow. Swype has been wanting OEM installs so this might be the only way your going to get it on Android for awhile. Some of the comments said they had […]

Video: Swype Type Instead of Touch Type

The inventor of the T9 text input has created a new text input for touchscreen phones called Swype. The video above is a Swype vs. iPhone input race. Of course Swype wins and you can argue the individual using the iPhone is slow but that aside it shows the new Swype input method. I had […]