Popcorn Hour A-200 Review

The Popcorn Hour A-200 is the latest media streamer they offer. It offers faster processor, more RAM and more flash memory over the previous model. At $179 it has the same hardware as the $300 C-200. The C-200 has a LCD, which is bad, and HDD quick dock but I feel the A-200 is the […]

Review: MediaGate MG-350HD

Last100 has reviewed the MediaGate MG-350HD. MediaGate is a sponsor so lets hope the review isn’t to bias which after reading it I don’t think it is. They do mention a lot of the MediaGates features but it looks like it isn’t all there, especially against the AppleTV. I posted about the MG-350HD with a […]

Cine Box multimedia player is a cool little media box. I don’t think it will replace the xbox 360 or appleTV but it does support a lot of audio and video formats. It has up to 400GB hard drive. There is a video of it below. It’s not in English but it’s better than me posting a bunch […]

turn the Wii into a media center extender

With all the new releases by Nintendo today I thought I would share something you can do with your Wii while you are waiting for the retail launch of the new products. Everyone knows that the Xbox 360 is the best media center extender but what if you only own a Wii. The programs listed […]

Entertainer HD Awarded Best of CES Well webwire has an article that says LAPTOP magazine awarded the Netgear EVA8000 the best of CES in the WiFi category. I’m excited for the launch of this product. The formats it supports are great. Below is the available formats it supports: If it could support iTunes files then you could kiss appleTV […]