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MP3Tunes for the Wii MP3Tunes you can now access your MP3’s on the Wii. You do have to use the music locker service provided by MP3Tunes though. There was a client created for the Wii using MP3Tunes open API. If your interested in other ways to get content to your Wii check out this previous post. (via Digital […]

Review: MediaGate MG-350HD

Last100 has reviewed the MediaGate MG-350HD. MediaGate is a sponsor so lets hope the review isn’t to bias which after reading it I don’t think it is. They do mention a lot of the MediaGates features but it looks like it isn’t all there, especially against the AppleTV. I posted about the MG-350HD with a […]

EyeTV 2.5 offers video streaming Slingbox might be in a little trouble with all these new services coming out. First Microsoft bought webguide and made it free. It turns your Media Center into a slingbox -like box. Now Elgato has eyeTV 2.5 that offers wifi streaming of videos. This is meant to only stream around your house using the […]

Stream media to a PS3 from a Mac you want to turn your PS3 into a media center extender you can. The directions above are how to stream content to your PS3 from a Mac. The directions are easy to follow with screen shots but it is long. Below are the supported file systems on the PS3. Photos* JPEG (DCF 2.0/Exif 2.21 […]

Microsoft on the TV

www.last100.comMicrosoft has long been at it trying to get digital content into your living room. It all started when they acquired WebTV in 1996. Since then they have moved from set-top-boxes to OS software to software for set-top-boxes. Out of any company out there they have put worth a great effort trying to get this […]

Vudu: Video-On-Demand box

gizmodo Gizmodo has some nice pictures and some more information on the Vudu Video-On-Demand box. You purchase the box which they say will be under $500, hook it up to your TV, then browse the movies you want to watch. You can either rent the movie at 99 cents to $3.99 or purchase the movie. […]