Build a Cheap Whole-House Speaker System

Whole-House speaker systems can cost many thousands of dollars. There are some cheaper solutions but this post at Lifehacker doesn’t get much cheaper. It uses existing phone wiring in the house to distribute the audio signals. You just need powered speakers at the other end. It’s not the easiest and their directions require some soldering […]

Behind the Scenes at Dolby Laboratories

Engadget goes behind the scenes at Dolby Laboratories. Dobly has it’s name on lots of equipment. Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital are two names that are probably printed on the front of your receiver. I had never thought about what the company does that’s behind the name. From Engadgets article they are working on […]

Build Your Own Home Theater Speakers

I had my powered sub go out on me a couple of months ago.  The foam surround broke apart from old age.  It’s a older Kenwood SW-300 with a 10″ ported sub.  I have been very happy with this sub and very surprised I didn’t blow it to pieces when I was younger. I was […]

in-wall THX certified sub

http://www.gadgetell.com/2007/02/first-thx-ultra2-certified-in-wall-subwoofer/ Gadgetell has a post on the world’s first in-wall THX sub. It is a vibration free design that still produces good bass. Check out the post for more info. This is a good thing for the people that like to keep their theaters looking really clean but to still have great sound.

In and Out Audio system

Well we finished my brothers house not to long ago. We installed 5.1 surround sound in the walls in the living room. We also setup speakers on the back pourch, the front pourch, and the garage. The install was pretty easy since it was new construction. We used phoenix gold speakers in the house and […]