Windows Live Essentials Beta Available

Microsoft released the beta of Windows Live Essentials. Lifehacker has a look at all the new social features built into the new version. It works with Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Gmail, WordPress and more. It’s nice that Microsoft is making it easy to get your creative work out to the world.

Inklet Adds Tablet Features to a MacBook Trackpad

Inklet is a new program that adds some tablet features to your MacBook trackpad. The video above is a demo of the software while using Photoshop. The program is $24.95 for the software or $34.95 with a pogo sketch. I would rather just use my finger but I couldn’t find on their site if it […]

Snagit for Mac Beta

TechSmith has released Snagit for Mac. While it’s only in beta it looks good and is free to try. While there isn’t any pricing listed, I’m guessing it will be around $50 like the Windows version. If you’re looking for a Mac screen capture program with lots of extras I would definitely try it out.

Media Browser for Windows Media Center

Media Browser for Windows Media Center is a pretty slick looking add-in. has a huge review of the software and goes in a lot deeper than I could describe. Right now it’s free but according to MediaSmartServer it will be switching to a paid model. Some of the highlights of the software below. Automatic […]

Boxee Remote Widget

The Boxee remote widget is a widget to control Boxee from your laptop. Simple idea but it’s a great one. I am generally on my laptop while I watch TV. Instead of grabbing for a remote it would be great to just use the widget to control. There are a few steps involved in configuring […]

Handbrake Updated for 64-bit Support

Handbrake, the popular video transcoder, has been updated for 64-bit support. They claim 10% increase in performance. I’m seeing a little over that on my MacBook Pro (early 2008). I still haven’t tried it on my Mac Pro but I think it will get even better with 12GB of memory and 8 cores. They also […]