SlingPlayer Coming to Android

Android is the last of the smartphone to get SlingPlayer but at least it’s in the works. It’s expected to hit this summer. The video below shows a little demo of it. Like Zatz said it will probably be $30 when it’s released since that is the price on the other platforms.

iPhone SlingPlayer 1.1 Hands On

SlingPlayer for iPhone was updated with a few new features. It now supports 16:9 mode and will fill so you don’t have black bars on the side. It also works with the Dish set tops directly. It still won’t work over 3g and probably never will. But it’s possible for other carriers to take advantage […]

SlingPlayer for your phone

SlingPlayer is now available for your mobile phone. SlingPlayer mobile lets you take TV with you everywhere you go. This would be great to pull up the game while your stuck being somewhere you didn’t really want to be. Not that I would be telling you to watch TV at church or anything. It only […]