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Walmart Buys Vudu

Walmart has bought Vudu. First off this is huge for Vudu. I have questioned some of their new releases in the past like the very expensive XL2 and high priced boxes. They were also going to have a very hard time competing with the big dogs for good deals. They cashed out with Walmart. Walmart […]

Roku Expects 100 Channels by Years End

According to Bloomberg, Roku expects to have 100 channels in the roku store by the end of the year. That makes that little $100 box that much more valuable. While I don’t use my Roku boxes as much as I used to, because of my blu-ray player, adding that many more channels will surely add […]

Bring the Web to Your TV

I talk a lot about different streamers and ways to get Internet content on your TV. Digital Inspiration has put a lot of those services in one handy list. It’s broken down by extenders, media players and blu-ray players. Lots of good information in the article. If you are new to getting content to your […]

Moxi Lowers Prices and Releases 3 Tuner DVR

Moxi lowered prices of their two-tuner HD DVRs to $499 down from $799. They also released multi-room bundles for two room and three room setups. The two room with a three-tuner HD DVR is $799 and comes with one Moxi Mate. The three room setup with a three-tuner HD DVR is $999 with two Moxi […]

Video: Verismo PoD Set Top Box

The Verismo PoD is an Internet TV Set Top Box. The nice thing is it’s only $99. The bad thing is who really needs another set top box. It pulls data from across the web and can even play DRM videos. It is small and has just the basics. You can add usb drive for […]

Setting Up My Roku Netflix Box

My Roku Netflix box finally showed up.  We are setting it up right now.  I was going to do the live thing again but there are already tons of pictures and videos out.  I will post my thoughts on the little device and get some thoughts from some other non-techie members in the family.  So […]