MyMovies for SageTV Available

The popular MyMovies add-in for Windows Media Center has made it so SageTV. MyMovies is a movie management software that provides you will all the details about the movie including the cover art. MyMovies uses a client server so you can have the server hold the main database while all your other machines can pull […]

SageTV 7 Beta Arrives Tomorrow

SageTV 7 is going public beta tomorrow. There are a lot of improvements in the new software. The Interface has a new look and there is now a plug-ins manager to name just a few. GeekTonic has all the details on the new version. If you have a test machine you can try out the […]

SageTV Android App

TASageTV is a Android application that allows you to control SageTV. It allows you to monitor your SageTV server, schedule recordings and acts as a remote for your clients and/or extenders. There is a free trail but the paid version is $9.99. You also aren’t limited if you have an older Android device. The application […]

Video: Hulu on the SageTV HD Theater

SageTV continues to impress me. Reasonable priced extenders and their frequent updates makes it a good choice. SageTV users will soon get Hulu access. The video above shows it in action. Looks good but they say they are still working on some issues. (via EngadgetHD)

Access SageTV from Mac There is a new program called Placeshifter that allows Mac users to access their SageTV content. SageTV is a Windows and Linux media center software. It is going to be available on Mac soon. If you want to give it a try they have a 15-day trial.