S1Digital 100 Disc Blu-Ray Changer Review

Back in February S1Digital announced the 100 disc Blu-ray changer for Windows Media Center. Missing Remote got their hands on one and did a video review. I embedded the video below. The initial price of the unit was $1500 but now you can buy one for only $1000. S1Digital makes some really nice things but […]

S1Digital Released a 100 Disc Blu-Ray Changer for Windows Media Center

If you have a lot of Blu-Ray discs than the 100 disc changer from S1Digital might be for you. It works with Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server. It can even rip your Blu-Ray discs for you. The cool thing is it does one after another until it’s finished with them all. That would […]

s1digital Proline Series

http://www.s1digital.com/Media_Center_Server_Edition_p/mcse.htm http://www.s1digital.com/FX_Model_p/mcfx.htm I’ll dream here for a bit. These computers are nice. Wouldn’t it be nice to afford one of these computers. I don’t know how you would choose. If I had that much money I might as well buy both. If your in the market for a high end media center server then check […]