Stop P2P with P2P

The RIAA is suing everybody it can. Spending millions just to make a point. But what’s the point when you can just make P2P useless. The idea behind P2P is that you can quickly search for a song and there you go. Most users click the first one that has the correct title and download […]

Gates says ditch DRM

http://www.engadget.com/2006/12/14/ce-oh-no-he-didnt-part-xxi-gates-tells-consumers-to-ditch-dr/ Bill Gates says ditch DRM’ed music. Well I would love too but provide a legal alternative. One comment was for Gates to buy the RIAA and change things. In some ways to get rid of DRM it might be worth it but in other ways I don’t know if I would want Bill Gates […]