A Few Days with the Verizon iPhone

This isn’t going to be a review of the iPhone, that’s because it has been around for 8 months now. There are reviews everywhere. I just wanted to share some initial thoughts on the phone, especially since I have been a happy Droid user for awhile now. The reason for switching to the Verizon iPhone […]

Review: AppleTV

The new AppleTV showed up a few days and I just had to break it out and start playing with it. I won’t bore you with unboxing photos because if you’re a Mac fan you have probably already looked at them. I’ll also keep this review a little shorter since there is already a ton […]

Make the New Roku Netflix Channel Better with DVPRemote

DVPRemote made a video showing how much better using their app for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad is at controlling the Roku Netflix channel is. The biggest reason why is the keyboard for search vs. using the arrow keys to type everything in with the standard Roku remote. DVPRemote works with multiple Roku boxes and only costs […]

First Impression: Apple iPad

There has been a lot of news on the iPad lately. I didn’t get mine on Saturday with lots of other people. I picked it up today from our education store. I thought I would share some of my initial impressions of the device. I have only played with it for a little bit as […]

GlideTV Navigator Remote Review

I have been somewhat critical of the GlideTV Remote since it was announced. There have been a few reviews that have made me rethink the remote. Brent from GeekTonic reviewed the remote and did a great job at it. Pretty much anything you wanted to know about the remote is in the review. The remote […]

Review: DirecTV Multi-Room Viewing

DirecTV announced multi-room viewing a little over a month ago. I finally got around to setting it up and putting it through it’s paces. Like I said before the service is only in beta. DirecTV is not supporting the service right now so don’t call about it if you have trouble. The service is also […]