DVPRemote Now Provides Roku Support on iPad

DVPRemote has landed on the iPad with the 2.2 update. I have posted about DVPRemote a few times in the past. If you have a Roku box and a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you need DVPRemote.

Official XBMC Remote for Android

XBMC has a official remote app for Android. It’s not completely finished yet but it’s in the Android Market for you to try out. You need at least Android 1.5 and XBMC 9.11. They have a screenshot gallery for you to check out. It looks really good especially since they say they aren’t finished yet.

Re Universal Remote for iPhone

Re universal remote is a dongle for your iPhone or iPod Touch that send IR commands. It’s not cheap at $70 but will allow you to get rid of those other remotes laying around. I personally would rather have a Harmony for around the same price that I could use without looking at it. Touchscreen […]

Use RemoteX for iPhone to Control 12 Windows Media Players

RemoteX is a iPhone/iPod Touch app that allows you to control 12 different Windows media players. Programs like XBMC, VLC, Windows Media Player and iTunes. The lite version of the app is free while the full app is 99 cents. The video below gives a little demo of it and they used the lite version. […]

Control AMX Systems from the iPad Using iRidium

The average person probably doesn’t have a full AMX control center in the house. But if you do iRidium has you covered by allowing you to control the system using a iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch. I’m interested in these apps because of smart classrooms. The possibilities of a presenter walking into the classroom and controlling […]

Raemote Turns Your Nokia N900 into a Apple Remote

The Raemote is a widget for the Nokia N900 that acts like a Apple Remote. It uses the built-in infrared port to fire the commands. The video below is of it in action. Looks cool but they need to update the look to the new Apple Remote. The old white remote is dated. (via MyNokiaBlog)