Hulu Plus on PS3 Review

Gizmodo reviewed the new Hulu Plus service on the PS3. Right now you have to have the Playstation plus service which costs money in order to try it out. Hulu Plus looks good and preforms well on the PS3. But I keep hearing about the old catalog isn’t the greatest. I’m hoping by the time […]

Video: XBMC Running On PS3

The video below is XBMC running on a PS3. It won’t work on the PS3 Slim or firmware 3.30 but if you have the older PS3 and firmware you can find the directions here. You will get a lot more media functions with XBMC installed than with the default PS3 media types. l (via Engadget)

Pogoplug Now Streams to Xbox 360 and PS3

Pogoplug will now let you stream your media files to the Xbox 360 and PS3. You should be able to access, share and stream media directly to their console from any local or remotely located Pogoplug. Not a bad addition to for the device. The update also allows you to do offsite backups. (via Engadget)

Playstation Network Has All 6 Major Movie Networks On Board For Streaming

The Playstation Network will soon be streaming HD movies for purchase and rental. The best part about this is that all 6 major movie networks have signed up for it. The networks are 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. and, naturally, Sony Pictures Entertainment. I’m most surprised by Disney […]

Spawn Labs Start Shipping the HD-720

I’m not much of a gamer but the Spawn Labs HD-720 looks pretty cool. It’s like a slingbox for your video games. It’s not cheap at $200 but if you really have to have your video games this might be a solution for you. You can buy adapters for Xbox 360, PS3 and some others […]

Video: PS3 Controller with Nokia N900

Pretty cool video below showing a PS3 controller controlling a Nokia N900 hooked up to a TV. If you have a emulator on your N900 this would make playing the games that much easier. It’s like a portable game system. Directions aren’t the easiest but it’s a cool hack if you’re adventurous. (via MobileCrunch)