PopBox UI Screenshots

PopBox posted screenshots of their UI on their blog. We have seen some video demos before but I’m guessing the UI won’t change much since it is shipping soon. It looks good but there still isn’t mention of Netflix. I was hoping it would show up before release. Check out all the screenshots on their […]

Popbox Shipping July 23rd

From the Popbox blog the Popbox will be shipping on July 23rd from the Amazon warehouse. I have discussed a lot about the Popbox before including the missing support for Netflix streaming. I was planning on pre-ordering one but I’m now holding off for the GoogleTV.

No Netflix for the Popbox?

It looks like the $130 Popbox won’t have Netflix streaming at launch, according to ZatzNotFunny. Netflix streaming was one of the features being pushed by Saybas so I’m sure they are working on it. It’s just a rumor right now but it might prevent people from pre-ordering the device. In my opinion, even without Netflix […]

Pre-Order the Popbox Media Center

You can now pre-order the Popbox Media Center. They are selling through Amazon for a $129.99. They expect the units to be available in June. At least that’s what the email said. You can also get the wireless Popbox for $149.99.