Roku Blocks PlayOn Channel

The PlayOn channel didn’t last very long. It was just a few days ago that I posted that you could add the channel. If you already have it installed it is still working but you can’t add it anymore. It’s not surprising that Roku would want to block access. Hulu is coming to Roku soon […]

PlayOn Comes to Roku

You can now add PlayOn channel in Roku. That will give you access to Hulu, CBS, ESPN and many more from your Roku box. You do need a Windows computer running the PlayOn software but the license isn’t bad at $40. You can also take advantage of all the other device they support for streaming. […]

PlayOn Streams to the Wii

PlayOn has a new beta that works with the Wii. It will allow you to stream Hulu, Netflix, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Amazon VOD, YouTube and more. I haven’t talked about it before but PlayOn now has a plug-ins section that will allow you to add many more video sites to stream from. The websites is […]