Pinnacle Video Transfer

If you have lots of old VHS tapes this might the device for you. It lets you stream anything to it through component or S-Video. It converts it to up to 720×480 H.264 MPEG-4 to your iPod or other USB devices. It is going to be available for $130, so it’s a small price to […]

PCTV to Go HD Wireless It works with media center. It allows remote scheduling. It allows over the internet watching. Seems like a good deal for $250. It connects to an antenna, set-top box, or cable. Click here for the Pinnacle page with more info on the Go HD Wireless.

Pinnacle Vista Support Some of you might have a Pinnacle card. Or some might be thinking about buying a Pinnacle card. The link above has info on your Pinnacle card and if it will work with your upcoming vista upgrade. It looks like they are working hard to make sure all their stuff is Vista compatible.