20 Photoshop Alternatives On Photoshops 20th Birthday

To celebrate photoshop turning 20 I’m providing a list of 20 alternatives. I only included 2 paid apps, one for Windows and one for Mac. Happy Birthday Photoshop! 1. Picnik – Web-based photo editing. Connects with services like Picasa, Flickr and Facebook to grab your photos. There is a free account or a paid premium […]

The screenshot history of windows This is cool. It is a collection of screenshots from Windows 1.0 to Windows Vista. Windows has made it a long way. I’m looking forward to what is to come.

Newegg warehouse Well if your like me and order a lot of stuff from NewEgg then you will like the article. It is pictures of the California warehouse. It also has some interesting info and some info about switching to UPS. I liked to read that their internal goal is to have packages to the customer […]