20 Photoshop Alternatives On Photoshops 20th Birthday

To celebrate photoshop turning 20 I’m providing a list of 20 alternatives. I only included 2 paid apps, one for Windows and one for Mac. Happy Birthday Photoshop! 1. Picnik – Web-based photo editing. Connects with services like Picasa, Flickr and Facebook to grab your photos. There is a free account or a paid premium […]

Create Panoramic Photos with Windows Live Photo and Image Composite Editor

I thought this was a nice tutorial on using Windows software to make panoramic photos. You’ll need Windows 7 and you should have the gallery downloaded and installed. It’s pretty simple but something that most basic Windows users don’t know about about. I have embedded a video below or you can visit UserWindowsHomeServer for more […]

Picasa 3.5 Adds Geo-Tagging and Facial Recognition

The new Picasa 3.5 adds some cool features that people have been waiting for. You can now geo-tag photos and it does facial recognition. iPhoto has had those features for some time and other online services have it too. After you tag a photo Picasa searches all your photos for matches. I did notice that […]

Picasa on Windows Media Center

There is a new plug-in that will allow you to upload and browse your Picasa web albums. It is in alpha right now but you can still download it to try it out. This will be a nice addition to Windows Media Center when they get all the bugs worked out. It is a open-source […]