Myna: Multi-track Web-based Audio Editor

Myna is a pretty cool web-based utility to mix multiple audio sources together. The video above is a demo of the service. I’m surprised that it’s free and that it offers so much. Audacity has been my multi-track editor but for just simple editing I’m going to be trying out Myna. Plus I won’t have […]

March Madness Online HD Using Silverlight

Looks like Microsoft’s Silverlight will be powering March Madness Online in HD. It seems like Silverlight is called in when they need to do some heavy streaming. I thought the Olympics went very well streaming with Silverlight. March Madness always draws everyone’s attention. I’m sure someone has some stats on how productivity at work drops. […]

Windows Live Now With More Space

The biggest change Microsoft made with live today is bumping storage from 5GB to 25GB.  That’s for all your photos.  Which photos has been redone with a slideshow feature built on silverlight.  Other improvements to live are the social networking features.  You can view what you and your friends are doing online.  Groups is a […]

Review: Scrapblog

With Thanksgiving just past and Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the holiday season.  If you have never checked out Scrapblog, it might be something you could use for someone on your Christmas list.  Scrapblog is most easily described as a digital scrapbook.  It allows you complete creative […]

Amazon Launches WindowShop

Amazon has launched WindowShop to help you find music, movies, TV shows and books.  I think it’s a really cool idea as you can watch or listen to previews from the current window.  It focuses on new releases and the only navigation is arrow keys or clicking the next tile.  They need to add some […]

MP3Tunes for the Wii MP3Tunes you can now access your MP3’s on the Wii. You do have to use the music locker service provided by MP3Tunes though. There was a client created for the Wii using MP3Tunes open API. If your interested in other ways to get content to your Wii check out this previous post. (via Digital […]