Raemote Turns Your Nokia N900 into a Apple Remote

The Raemote is a widget for the Nokia N900 that acts like a Apple Remote. It uses the built-in infrared port to fire the commands. The video below is of it in action. Looks cool but they need to update the look to the new Apple Remote. The old white remote is dated. (via MyNokiaBlog)

Video: PS3 Controller with Nokia N900

Pretty cool video below showing a PS3 controller controlling a Nokia N900 hooked up to a TV. If you have a emulator on your N900 this would make playing the games that much easier. It’s like a portable game system. Directions aren’t the easiest but it’s a cool hack if you’re adventurous. (via MobileCrunch)

Video: Nokia N900 Running Mac OS X

The video below is of a Nokia N900 running Mac OS X. It’s only 10.3 and it runs extremely slowly. It took 1.5 hours to reach the about this mac screen. But this is the type of project that is just cool to do. It is running PearPC emulator that he compiled for Maemo 5. […]

Video: Android On Nokia N900

The video above shows Android running on a Nokia N900. It’s basically a proof of concept right now. I did a similar project with my N800 awhile back. While the N900 is a great product, it’s still more of a enthusiasts product and not main stream. That means that projects like installing Android work well. […]

Control a PS3 with a Nokia N900

If you have one of the new Nokia N900 devices you can use it to control your PS3. The BlueMaemo bluetooth emulator acts as a controller for the PS3. It doesn’t display the PS3 on the N900 but it’s still cool. More info and directions on install at

Video: Nokia N810 Controlling LinuxMCE

The video below shows a Nokia N810 controlling LinuxMCE. Pretty cool idea to use the N810 as a remote control. It’s using Maemo Orbiter and he is already working on a version for the N900. I wonder if it will work with the N800 since that’s what I have. (via Smart Home Blog)