Video: Niveus ZONE Media Center

Niveus makes some nice high end media center gear. The Niveus ZONE is their extender computers that still pack plenty of power and features. They have Core2Duo processors and feature a Blu-ray drive. While the price is a high for most, especially as an extender, they have plenty of power to handle anything you can […]

Niveus Sierra Edition Media Server

Engadget I’ll start off by saying this will only be available to “volume integrators”. Niveus has announced the Sierra Edition Media Server. It has a nice slim case that is rack mountable, that uses little power. It supports digital/analog audio out, usb, firewire, and HDMI/DVI out. You can also get it with a HD-DVD drive. […]

Review: Niveus Media Center Companion!36983156CAA83EA9!2363.entryThe Niveus Media Center Companion is just in beta at the moment. There is no pricing information yet. The link above is to Ian Dixon’s website where he has reviewed the new software. There is a lot of information on the features of the software in his review. One thing that I found of great […]

Niveus CableCard Hands-On While this is way out of my price range I love the possibilities of CableCard. This hands-on by Gizmodo is great. And just remember that all new technology is expensive. Just look at DVD players and how much they use to go for, and now you can get them for $30. And another comparison […]