Wii Now Only $199

The Nintendo Wii is now only $199. If you don’t have one already you can save $50 off from when it was first launched. That’s not bad and Christmas is just around the corner.

MP3Tunes for the Wii MP3Tunes you can now access your MP3’s on the Wii. You do have to use the music locker service provided by MP3Tunes though. There was a client created for the Wii using MP3Tunes open API. If your interested in other ways to get content to your Wii check out this previous post. (via Digital […]

Anti-Wii song

I’m a big fan of the Wii but I still like a good video.

turn the Wii into a media center extender

With all the new releases by Nintendo today I thought I would share something you can do with your Wii while you are waiting for the retail launch of the new products. Everyone knows that the Xbox 360 is the best media center extender but what if you only own a Wii. The programs listed […]