Xbox Update Gives Netflix Control to Kinect

With the new update to the Xbox 360 you can now control Netflix with Kinect. I have embedded the video below from Engadget. While it won’t let you do everything or search for titles by talking, it’s a start in the right direction.

Netflix Streaming Now on Windows Phone 7

The Netflix app is available in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. It’s also free. It’s nice that they launched the Windows Phone 7 version so quickly but there are a lot of Android users that are still waiting. But if you have a Windows Phone 7 and live in the U.S. or Canada you can […]

Netflix Stream-Only Plan Coming to U.S.

After the launch of streaming-only option in Canada, people were wondering when that option would be available in the U.S. In a post from Reed it was stated that it is coming in the next couple of months. While I really enjoy streaming, if it’s only a $1 less I’ll just keep getting an occasional […]

Netflix Streaming Launched in Canada

Netflix launched streaming service in Canada. The price is CDN$7.99 a month. Canada is the first country outside the U.S. to get the service. The selection isn’t as good as the U.S. but it’s a start. They can also use TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles like the U.S. can.

Netflix Now Streaming on iPhone and iPod Touch

You can now get your Netflix fix on your iPhone or iPod touch. Netflix released a iPhone app that allows you to stream content, even over 3G. Go to the iTunes store to get it now. The app is free but you need at least the $8.99 plan to stream. Video demo below: Netflix iPhone […]

Netflix and EPIX Sign Muti-Year Streaming Deal

Netflix and EPIX signed a deal to bring new releases to Netflix streaming 90 days after premium pay TV and subscription VOD. This will bring a bunch of new titles to streaming which will make the service that much better. The deal starts September 1st. Press release below. EPIX AND NETFLIX ANNOUNCE EXCLUSIVE INTERNET-ONLY DEAL […]