Video: Custom NAS Build Puts All Others to Shame

Will Urbina built a custom NAS called the Black Dwarf. There are a lot of things that are very unique and just plain awesome. The NAS has 8 2TB hard drives and is completely custom built. Not only is the build quality extremely good but the video work is worth a watch. I have embedded […]

Pogoplug Now Streams to Xbox 360 and PS3

Pogoplug will now let you stream your media files to the Xbox 360 and PS3. You should be able to access, share and stream media directly to their console from any local or remotely located Pogoplug. Not a bad addition to for the device. The update also allows you to do offsite backups. (via Engadget)

Netgear Announces the Stora

Netgear announced the MS2110 Stora which is a NAS device with some extra user friendly features. You can store all your digital files on the included 1TB hard drive. The Stora can sync with online services. It also integrates with iTunes, Flickr and Facebook. You can set user accounts for outside access and gain access […]

NetGear Central Storage Turbo now shipping

External hard drives are falling in price because of the price drops in hard drives. The same goes for NAS devices. This NAS from Netgear is no exception. The benefits of NAS is network access. This means all your computers in your house can save data to it, also you can access it from outside […]

LinkStation Live One of the biggest updates to the new LinkStation live is a Gig Ethernet connection. This will allow for read/write speeds comparable to an external hard drive. You can also add multiple LinkStations to your network and they will see each other. If you in the market for a NAS check this out. Video […]

Windows Home Server Well this looks pretty cool. Basically a NAS server for your MCE. Now CES is going on now and I haven’t heard anything confirming this. I really hope to see this since I have been setting up my own media server to distribute video files throughout my house (I’ll have pictures soon). Update: Not […]