Microsoft Keeps DRM Servers for Now

I posted awhile back that Microsoft was shutting down their DRM servers in August.  That would have left people that purchased playsforsure tracks in the dark.  Well Microsoft has rethought that decision and decided to keep the servers running until at least 2011.  This is a good move by Microsoft and shows that they do […]

PlaysForSure Gone Forever in August

On August 31st 2008 PlaysForSure servers will be shut down. What that means to you if you have PlaysForSure music is it won’t play, that’s for sure. Microsoft wanted to give people that bought music through MSN plenty of time to search for alternatives. I guess the music will play if you download the licenses […]

Monster Cable or a Wire Coat Hanger

photo credit: jetheriot This has been going around the blogs the last few days. Here is the original post back in 2004. There was a blind test with 5 people to determine which cables were best. The 5 people couldn’t determine which was better, the coat hanger or monster cables. I just wish more people […]

Halloweeen lights synced to music 2007

Halloween is fast approaching. I posted a video last Halloween and I posted some for Christmas. This is a collection of Halloween lights synced to music for 2007. I’m sure I missed some and there are a few houses that had a bunch of songs. If you want one added just email me or leave […]

Review: EOS Wireless had the chance to play around with the EOS Wireless ipod speaker system. I have lots of pictures below of what comes in the box. I was surprised when I opened it by the small size of the speaker system. You can really put the speakers about anywhere you want and they won’t get […]

DRM-free music the way it should be

If your the type of person that likes the local town bands then check out this site. Music is free of DRM and free of charge until the demand grows. The pricing of the songs grows as more people download it. It stops at 99 cents. Not a bad way to get your music out […]