Spotify Now Allows You to Upload iTunes Libraries

First Spotify isn’t available in the US, unless you know what you’re doing with your IP address. The new version of Spotify allows you to upload your iTunes Libraries so you can access them anywhere. That’s good news if Spotify doesn’t have some of the tracks in your collection. It will also allow you to […]

Apple Acquires Lala

The New York Times is reporting that Apple has acquired music streaming service Lala. I’m hoping this is good news and that Apple will launch a streaming music service. The bad in the short term is that Apple will probably shut down Lala in order to make the switch to whatever they have planned. Other […]

Sonos Adds Twitter Support

Sonos has added the ability to send what your listening to to twitter. It will work the with CR200 controller, the iPhone app and Mac and Windows. I don’t have a desire to tweet what I’m listening to but I’m sure there is a large population that loves their music enough to share, especially if […]

Logitech Announces Squeezebox Radio and Touch

Logitech announced the Squeezebox Radio and the Squeezebox Touch. Both feature wireless g and the ability to play all sorts of files. The Touch has the bigger 4.3″ touchscreen and can play files from USB drive and SD cards. Prices aren’t terrible at $199 for the Radio and $299 for touch. I still think the […]

Zune HD Gets Pricing and Release Date

Best Buy inventory list the Zune HD 16GB for $220 and the 32GB for $290. Not bad on the prices. The release date is September 8th which is probably why new information is coming out. CNet also has a hands-on with the Zune HD web browser. There was also screen shots that showed up on […]

Video: Zune HD Appears Again

The new Zune HD was spyed at the gdgt launch party. Still looks like a pretty slick UI. The first video demo is posted here. It seems like a sure thing now. I wonder how long it will be until it’s out. Before Christmas?