Zune HD Gets a Price Drop

Looks like Amazon is giving a little price break on the Zune HD models. It’s $30 to $40 off depending on model. While I haven’t had the luxury of using the new Zunes, wish I could, I have heard many good things about them. If you’re in the market for a MP3 player you can […]

Zune HD to Get XviD

The Zune HD is getting a firmware update that will bring ZviD support to the device. You can also display the XviD content through the dock to your TV. It is unlikely that DivX will make it because of proprietary restrictions. The firmware update will also bring smart DJ features like the computer software. Let […]

Zune HD vs iPod Touch

With the Zune HD launch today it was only a matter of time before someone put the two head to head to see which is better. Digital Trends has a nice comparison of the two. The winner after the break down is Microsoft’s Zune HD. I’m not surprised by the outcome. The Zune HD has […]

Zune HD Promotional Video Shows 3D Gaming

The promotional video above shows the Zune HD playing Forza 3. It’s just a quick glimpse but it’s getting people exited that games might launch soon. With the launch just a few days away I’m sure we will find out soon. (via Gizmodo)

Zune HD Available for Pre-Order

I posted about the Zune HD pricing and release date a couple of days ago. Well today you can pre-order through Amazon. The price is $220 for the 16GB model and $290 for the 32GB model. Not bad prices and a really nice UI. Release date is September 15th.

Zune HD Gets Pricing and Release Date

Best Buy inventory list the Zune HD 16GB for $220 and the 32GB for $290. Not bad on the prices. The release date is September 8th which is probably why new information is coming out. CNet also has a hands-on with the Zune HD web browser. There was also screen shots that showed up on […]