Blockbuster On Demand Coming to HDTVs and Blu-ray Players

Blockbuster is bringing it’s On Demand service to the living room. That shouldn’t be a surprise since the company has nothing going for it right now. I’m not sure there is a Blockbuster left in my area. Netflix wiped them out with DVD rentals and proactively went to DVD streaming which sealed the deal for […]

5 Reasons Why I’m Not Going Blu-Ray

I get asked all the time if I have a Blu-Ray player. I guess with how much technology I have around it seems natural that I would have the latest Blu-Ray player on the market. But I don’t and my 5 reasons why are below. 1. Blu-Ray players are still too expensive for me. $200 […]

Netflix confirms set-top-box dreams

There have been rumors going around the Netflix is working on a set-top-box. While the box isn’t here yet they do have dreams of getting their rental service to set-top-boxes, xbox 360s, and PS3s. Our goals in online video over the coming years are three-fold: one, to expand the content we offer online; two, to […]

Vudu: Video-On-Demand box

gizmodo Gizmodo has some nice pictures and some more information on the Vudu Video-On-Demand box. You purchase the box which they say will be under $500, hook it up to your TV, then browse the movies you want to watch. You can either rent the movie at 99 cents to $3.99 or purchase the movie. […]