Video: The Evolution of Mobile

While the video below is an ad it’s still extremely cool. Using 3D projectors and a bunch of phones painted white, they made the phones come to life. (via MobileCrunch)

AT&T Launched U-verse iPhone App

AT&T launched a U-verse iPhone app that allows you to manage your DVR and download and watch content. There are other DVR management apps, like DirecTV, but none have the ability to watch content on the go. It’s a nice feature if you U-verse service and doesn’t cost extra. The app is free and you […]

Google Announced App Inventor for Android

Google announced a new product called App Inventor which will make it easy for anyone to make Android applications. It’s a Google Labs product and isn’t ready just yet for the public. You can sign up now and they will notify you when it’s available. I’m thinking this could be a really good thing for […]

Video: BlackBerry OS 6

BlackBerry released another OS 6 video which I have embedded below. OS 6 definitely looks like they are working on a better touch friendly interface. I remember when I had the original Storm and how painful the touch interface was at times. While it does look a lot better I’m not sure it has anything […]

YouTube Updates Mobile Site

YouTube updated it’s mobile site at to be more complete like the YouTube homepage. I tried to access it on my Droid and still getting the old version but from what I read on twitter it looks like everyone should get the new version in the next couple of days. With the updated mobile […]

Almost Hands Free is Voice Activated for Android Music

With all of Androids built-in voice activated commands the music app never got that treatment. Now there is an app call Almost Hands Free that will allow you to find and play music by voice. The app is 99 cents which is a bargain if you use your Android phone while you are driving. * […]