mineral oil

2 years of mineral oil computing

It is two years today since I posted my mineral oil computer. I haven’t changed the mineral oil and it still works. Like I said before it has been in a garage for months, then went to storage for about 4 months, then came back and went to an attic, and now it is in […]

Mineral Oil Computer with bubbles

I have been getting lots and lots of visitors to my mineral oil computer. This is because of a recent mineral oil build by Puget Systems. It made it all the way up to the front page of digg. Click here for the story and the article. I still think mine is better but maybe […]

Mineral Oil computer still works

http://oilcooled.blogspot.com/2006/10/mineral-oil-computer-out-of-storage.html Over at oilcooled.com the mineral oil computer is still working. There is some more detail over there, including pictures and a video.

Mineral oil computer site

I have started a site dedicated to oil computing. It is www.oilcooled.com. All of my new mineral oil projects will be posted there. I would like everyone that has created or will create a oil computer to logon there and talk about their projects and post pictures. I had a lot of fun with my […]

Mineral Oil Computer: What happened to it?

The mineral oil computer has been in storage for 5 months. The mineral oil is still in it and all the plexi is still in place. In the next month I will have to relocate the computer back into the house. So at that time I will answer all of those wonderful questions that people […]

Update: Mineral Oil Computer

It has been awhile since I updated the progress on the Mineral Oil computer. It is still running good. No problems. Not even a leak in the custom case. It weighs a lot though. Not easy to move around. The pictures below are updated with the case half full of mineral oil. I think I […]